7 Apr

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Final Project 4

11 Jul

I really enjoyed learning Google SketchUp.  I had previous experience with all the other programs we used, so this was nice to learn something new, and it was pretty easy and fun to play around with.   Below is my narrative, images, and video of animation in SketchUp:

Project 4: Narrative

Title: Mr. Bear’s Egyptian Adventure

Mr. Bear, a British archaeologist, has been planning a trip to Egypt.  He has been researching an old temple that he believes still holds treasure.  He is especially interested in a Eye of Horus pendant necklace, which he believes can be found on a huge statue of the goddess Bastet the cat.  Mr. Bear sets out with his passport for Egypt. He studies his maps and travels by camel to the Lotus Temple.

Mr. Bear reaches the Lotus Temple and enters alone.  He goes down passageways and enters a chamber with a small temple to three gods. None of this shows sign of Bastet or the treasured necklace, so he moves on.  Next, he enters a room containing a heavy box with a Pharaoh’s head on its lid, guarded by Anubis to dog.  The box peaks his curiosity, so he enters the room, pushes off the lid, and grabs a green scarab from inside the box.  He quickly runs out of the room as he begins to hear rumbling.  The inside of the room begins to shake and monuments and statues begin to fall.  As Mr. Bear runs, he decides the scarab is not worth it, and throws it back into the room behind him.

Mr. Bear reaches another room, and it’s just want he wanted to see!  A huge statue of Bastet wearing the Eye of Horus necklace!  The room is dark except for a candle, which illuminates the statues.  Mr. Bear thinks this will be easy, so he runs in the room, grabs the necklace and runs out to make his escape.  He runs down the corridor and can see the shadow of an Egyptian queen towering behind him.  He jumps around the corner to escape her.  Then he runs towards a light at the end of the hall, while he hears a swooshing noise behind him. He slips between two walls just in time to miss being hit by an Egyptian sword!

Alas, Mr. Bear is able to leave the temple unharmed, and returns by camel to his camp.  He then takes a return journey to England.  We last see him looking out on the harbor at his home, wearing the Eye of Horus necklace.

 Here are some screen shots from SketchUp:

You can download my zip file here that has the SketchUp file and animation walkthrough in avi format:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/dpj0xgvwe833mwa/DRothwell%20Proj%204.zip

Artist Profile: Nina Katchadourian

5 Jul

This post is looking at artist Nina Katchadourian.  Nina is interesting because she uses a number of mediums to create her art, such as photography, sculpture, video, and paper.  I also like her website because you can view her art either by subject matter, or by medium

Maps – This is one of my favorite of her collections.  In some piece, she uses paper to create maps of places.  In the piece below (left), she actual took a real paper map, and cut away everything except the major highways.  Then she put it between two pieces of glass. In the piece (bottom right), she also dissected a map of the roads in Austria.  Austria is known as “the heart of Europe”, so she shaped the paper to look like a heart.


Charts and Systems – Another of my favorites.  She turns subjects into family-tree like exhibits. She does a family tree of the history of different types of airplanes, postcards, and created an imaginative genealogy of brands that use a person as their trademark, as seen below:

Nina uses creativity and imagination in a number of ways.  Her pieces make you think, wow, how did you do that, or makes you smile.

Project 3: Video Remix

2 Jul

I based my video on a black and white commercial I found for the product Klear floor wax.  In the commercial, a woman shows you can get a “deep look shine” on your floors.  I wanted to make fun of the commercial, by inserting people in slippery situations.  To play off the fact that your floors would be so waxed and shiny, you’d practically slip on them every time you walked on them.  Below, are my sketches I used.



I used Adobe Premiere to put my video together.  The final output of my movie was a huge file.  As I got it down to the required size, the video quality of some of the clips is poor.  I had the title overlap onto the first image of the commercial. I was able to turn off audio for the clips, and instead use audio I found, for sound effects.  At the end I played around with the position feature and used a scroll for the credits.

My video can be found here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/j5bidtffx66g66m/Final%20Rothwell%20Proj3B.mov

Artist: Saya Woolfalk

25 Jun

This week I’ve looked at artist Saya Woolfalk.  Her site can be viewed here:  http://homepage.mac.com/sayawoolfalk/.  Her collection included 3D/4D media, paintings, and drawings.  I like her recent paintings the most.  She incorporated folk stories, dreams, and imagination into her art. They are colorful which make them pop.

My favorite of her painting collections is called Empathetic Plant Alchemy.  Below is one of her paintings.  It’s very colorful on the inside which grabs your eye.  All of the different lines, shapes, and patterns are close together and give the piece a busy feel to it.  This image also reminds me of folk stories of native americans or the incas/aztecs, about life.   It looks like humans are one with nature.

Woolfalk also put together a moving exhibit, which can be seen here:  Ritual of the Empathics.  She uses photos, painting, and live people moving around to express her ideas of spirituality.  Again, the use of colors grabs your attention.  She also speaks over the images to add another creative aspect.

Project 2 – Illustrator

12 Jun

I decided to choose to draw a pair of scissors for my project.  I am not a good drawer, so this was hard for me.  I started my drawing a a pair of scissors to fill up an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper.  I used a pencil for the drawing.  It was hard to for me to figure out where the shadows were.

I then had to choose 6 small parts of the scissors to draw in my squares.   Below are my 6 sketches that I scanned into the computer. I expereimented with negative space, white background, and black backgrounds.  My final 3 are at the bottom of this post, so you can see what I thoguth were my stongest pictures.  I also liked the 3rd image of my 6, but that didn’t make it to my final cut.  I went over the pencil with a sharpie marker and tried to make the image look 3-D as I saw it.


Below are my final 3 images that I scanned into Illustrator and edited.  I like how I played around with the black and white backgrounds and alternated which colors took on the focus.


Color in Photos

11 Jun

I’ve decided to take a look at color in photos.  If you take a photo in color and then change it to black and white, the mood usually changes.  Some images look very good in black and white, but not in color.  I’ve been playing around with photos and usually like to increase the color saturation to bring out more vibrant colors.

I’ve found and manipulating some pictures that I’ve taken in the past.  I’ve changed the color and will show you the changes.  Which do you like better?  Does the mood of the photo change?

1) Flower box- I took this picture when I was in Italy.  The bright colors of the flowers really  made the buildings/windows stand out.  I took the image and made it black and white.  To me, I wouldn’t look twice at this picture.  The flowers could be dead vines for all I can tell.  I definitely think color is a must for this photo.


2) Building in Belgium- I took the color shot in a square in Bruges.  It was sunset and the sun reflected off the building with soft light.  If I turned the photo to black/white, the building looks more ominous and the photo takes on a darker tone.


3) Tree- I took this shot at a park in Annapolis, in color.  This is a case, where I like the photo better in black and white.  I played with the shadow/highlighting as well.  The tree sticks out b/c it is hanging on by it’s roots, while the dirt it is planted in is getting eroded away.  I think the black and white makes the strength of the tree stick out.


4) Bench- I took the first image at a Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon.  The sun was shining and blossoms of the tree were falling down on to the bench.  In Photoshop, I increased the color saturation, so that you could see that the tree was full of pink blossoms, which you couldn’t tell in the original photo.  I also made the overall c0lors more vibrant.  The second image is my favorite.  The last image is black and white.  When I see it I think of a setting with snow on the tree, which is the complete opposite of when this image was taken.


I hope you enjoyed my examples!